Celine gives various workshops and trainings at home and abroad.

Playful and creative workshops:

Drawing and painting, according to your interests and skills. In large or small format, on paper, canvas, wood, found objects, indoors, outdoors, in daylight or by candlelight, after observation in nature or from shape, color and movement with a theme, or abstracted.

Workshops can be tailor-made and in consultation. A children’s party, an individual painting lesson, a group of friends, an association or organization, a team. A workshop can last an hour, half a day or a day, depending on the goal and method. Workshops can be given at various locations. At your employer, during symposia or conferences, in an orchard, or elsewhere in the open air, in a studio or elsewhere. The price is determined in consultation.

Workshops for art therapists and other professionals:

With some regularity I give workshops and other presentations at courses, symposia, etc. During these workshops theoretical explanation is given, interspersed with art making.

My specialization is in the field of visual expression and autism, for which I obtained my PhD in 2020.

Training art therapy and autism:

Visual therapists who want to optimize the treatment of their clients with autism-related problems can sign up for the ‘Images of Self training. This training includes a systematic treatment evaluation, which meets criteria for Practice Based Evidence. This program lasts 15 weeks. The training consists of 6 meetings, before, during and after the treatment. Do you want to know more? Fill in the contact form.

Workshops for supervisors:

Since 1995 I was occasionally giving workshops to supervisors. How to apply making visual art work in supervision is the subject here. During a short introduction, the relationship between reflection in supervision and visual art work is explained. After this, it the participating supervisors will start working with visual art materials. The supervisor experiences and acquires insight into how the visual art work can promote reflection on work situations. During the workshop, all kinds of supervision related themes will be discussed.