Supervision offers space and support in researching, reflection and/or further developing one’s own way of working. The personal professionalism of the care provider is central. The starting point is situations at work. Taking time for your own story is the starting point in supervision.


During the first meeting will be discussed which topics and questions can be topics for supervision. These subjects will be explored in the following meetings. Among other things, we look at your own possibilities and wishes and how these can be applied (differently) in work situations.

We work with methods that suit the person. You’ll talk, work with writing assignments, drawing and painting, practicing in role play, etc. The way of working differs per person and their need. In small groups or individually, we work on personal questions that have to do with functioning at work. The number, duration and frequency of the meetings is at least 45 minutes.

Possible themes

Personal learning questions form the guideline, such as: contacts with clients, making choices, dealing with colleagues, regaining pleasure in work, motivation, motivations, organizing the work, cooperation, giving/receiving feedback, setting boundaries, developing methodological act, etc.

Supervision for the FVB registration

12 supervision sessions are required for registration as an art therapist or one of the other professional therapeutic professions. Information about this can be found on the website of the FVB (link:


€ 90,- per meeting of 1 hour, when it has to be paid by yourself. €150 per meeting of 1 hour, if the employer pays. Group meetings last longer (an extra half hour per person for the 1 hours and the costs are determined depending on the number of participants. The costs are VAT exclusive.


Celine has been a LVSC registered supervisor since 1995. She has worked as an art therapist for 17 years, mainly in child and adolescent psychiatry. In addition, she has been working as a teacher, researcher and supervisor in her own practice since 1990 and since 1992 at the Professional Therapy course at NHLStenden Hogeschool in Leeuwarden and at the Master Professional Therapy at the Han in Nijmegen.

In 2020 she obtained her PhD at the University of Groningen on art therapy for children with autism-related problems.